Kingdom Hearts 3 how to airstep up the rubble to get to the top of Olympus

Kingdom Hearts 3 how to airstep up the rubble in OlympusWhile there are a few challenges to Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3 with Hades wreaking havoc and the Titans running amok, the first real hurdle is working out how to airstep up the rubble to get to the top of Mount Olympus. While you get onscreen instructions on how to airstep, it isn’t massively obvious what you should be aiming for or how to move on from the very first platform you do eventually get to with the big present in the way of the door.

KH3 is a huge game, so there are bound to be few things to challenge you, but you can always come back to our Kingdom Hearts 3 guide for more of our tips.

Climbing the Olympus rubble

The first confusing element to the airstepping section of Olympus is that there are multiple targets to aim for. The first your target will pick up with the shotlock are blocks of rubble that are floating in the sky. However, aiming for these will get you nowhere, because there’s absolutely no way to jump from one to the other individually. Instead, you’ll just find yourself falling to the ground and either retrying it to frustration or giving up and going in search of another way up (which doesn’t exist, by-the-way).

Instead, what you need to do is to aim beyond the blocks of floating rubble and lock onto the platform with the building on it further up in the sky. Press the dodge button (Square on the PS4) and Sora will automatically leap from rubble to rubble until he makes it up to the first waypoint ledge.

Getting past the first platform

It’s at this stage that the confusion sets in even further, because when you do get up to the platform beyond the rubble, it isn’t massively obvious what you’re meant to do next. There’s a big bow-tied present in the way of a door in the building, which fools you into thinking that you need to smash it to be able to go through the door, so you spend ages trying to smash.

As it turns out, you can smash the present, but you’ll need to airstep further up to be able to do it. However, smashing it won’t help you get up to the top of Olympus. To do this, you need to turn away from the present and look up. You’ll then see that that are yet more pieces of rubble in the air and another platform to get to. Repeat the process from before, aiming your shotlock at the platform the behind the rubble and press dodge to activate it, firing you up even further. You’ll need to repeat this once more to complete the Olympus airstep section.

What’s the deal with the present?

As mentioned above, the present can be smashed, but it won’t help you climb Olympus or get through any doors (the door doesn’t open at all in fact). It will, however, give you a chest prize to open, but to do this, you will need more force than your standard Keyblade attack will do. To build up more momentum, you need to airstep up to the next platform and then look back down in the direction of the present. Shotlock onto the platform it’s on and then hit the dodge button to start your flight back down. As you approach the present, you’ll get a prompt to hit the attack button. Do this as soon as you see the prompt and you’ll smash the present to get the treasure.

How to airstep up Olympus video

Just in case any of that is slightly confusing, or if you’re just more visual, you can check out our video explaining the process below. Just make sure you hit that like button and leave us a comment if it helps you out:

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