Kingdom Hearts 3 Corona walkthrough – KH3 Part 5

Kingdom Hearts 3 Corona walkthrough KH3 part 5The Tangled world is the focus of our Kingdom Hearts 3 Corona walkthrough as Sora sets out to stop the Heartless that have infested the kingdom. It isn’t long before you’re fighting them off to keep Flynn Rider safe, which eventually leads you to the discovery of Rapunzel’s tower, where the story for the world starts to come together.

There are plenty of Heartless to fight on the way to the tower, and then after a lengthy cinematic video, you all decide to escort Rapunzel to the city of Corona. It’s her first time outdoors, so everything is brand new to her, which triggers a series of mini puzzles to figure out on the route to the city. She’ll also be amazed by anything fluffy and some of these turn out to be Heartless in disguise, so you’ll need to finish them off to be able to advance. They don’t really pose too much threat early on, but if you get stuck on any that aren’t covered in the notes, you can check out the battles in the video below.


Corona walkthrough video

The video above will show you exactly where to go and what to do to complete the main story elements of Corona, including the savage boss fight, which you can read more about below.

How to blow the dandelions

Finally, Rapunzel finds a glade of fluff balls that doesn’t want to attack you. She becomes pretty taken with the dandelions and it’s your job to blow them into the air. The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any immediately apparent way of doing this unless you’ve been paying particular attention to the new additions to your magic list.

If you check it now, you should see something called Aero and it’s this move that you use to blow the dandelions. The problem is that it doesn’t work unless you unleash it in exactly the right location. What you need is the patch of fluff balls that are the deepest you need to make sure that you’re facing it head on before you summon Aero. You might miss is a couple of times, but if you keep trying to aim for the biggest volume of flowers than you should be able to get it. If you’re having any difficulties, you can see it being demonstrated in the video below.

How to get through the dark forest

Once you’ve got the gang back on the move, you’ll have some more Heartless to deal with and then another thing with Rapunzel where she goes for a splash in the pool she sees. Walk in and hit the action button to trigger a mini water fight and then you’ll be free to carry on.

After you get separated, you’ll need to make it through the dark and swampy forest after Marluxia shows his face. While there are a lot of enemies to face and more books and crannies that the Beast’s west wing, the real challenge is finding your way through to the other side. You can explore as much as you want, but to get out and carry on the Corona storyline, simply keep on pressing forwards from the point that you enter it and you should make it to the relative safety of the pass at the end. You can check out the walkthrough video above to see how to make it through the dark forest if you get stuck at the 51-minute mark.


Take out the monkey Heartless and keep heading up the pass once you’re out. At the top, you’ll meet back up with Rapunzel and Flynn, who have bumped into guard horse Maximus. After Pascal, Rapunzel’s chameleon friend, pacifies Maximus, you all head of on the quest to get to the Kingdom of Corona again.

Taking on the horse chariot

Keep heading up the rocks, using Rapunzel’s hair to get across any big crevasse and you’ll eventually come to a clearing where you’ll go on to face a horse pulling a train of chariots. It hits hard and it’s tough to attack, so use your shotlock to target it and fire in some damage. Specials like the Trinity Shield work very well against it and then your Link Moves can help you smash it up, but it’s got three phases, so it will test your skills.

Roll like crazy if it comes after you at speed and be ready to hit up a potion if you need one. If you’ve been upgrading your Keyblades then you should find it a little easier than in the walkthrough video above, but you can check the battle out at 1:09:00 if you want to see it getting defeated before you take it on.

Catching the birds for Rapunzel

As you continue of to Corona after the fight with the chariot horse, you’ll come to a series of ledges with trees where Rapunzel becomes besotted by birds. There aren’t any specific instructions in terms of what to do, but if you listen to the comments from the crew then you might be able to piece it together.

If not, you can see exactly what you need to do to catch the birds for Rapunzel in the short video below. You can find the birds by looking for musical notes in the trees, but if you approach them too fast then you’ll scare them away. What you need to do is walk slowly up to them in one continuous motion and press the action button when you see it. The birds will then fly down from the tree and start to circle Sora’s head.

The next challenge is getting them back to Rapunzel. To do this you’ll need to again walk slowly, but there will also be jumps to get across along the way, which will spook the birds. The trick to this is to try to take it steady and stop after each jump to let the birds settle around Sora’s head once again. If you repeat this for each jump then you’ll be able to get them to Rapunzel and continue on to Corona.

How to dance

After the birds, you’ll soon find yourself on the approach to the city where Rapunzel heads off on her own. This leaves you free to explore and there are plenty of chests and Lucky Emblems to hunt down. Once you’ve done enough looking around, head into the centre of town and you’ll meet back up with Rapunzel, which will start another cutscene and intro to doing the Corona sun dance.

Instructions are provided, but it’s easy to forget these when you’re in the middle of the dance. Luckily, the buttons to press are always on the screen, so just match the type of dance as you approach and then do the claps in the circles to rack up your dance points. You can hit the action button next to barrels and flags to do a more flamboyant move and then again match the dances specified during the sun circle finale and you should be done. Any problems and you can see the dance in action with the video below.

After the dance, there’s a huge section of cutscene to enjoy, but the general gist is that Rapunzel is tricked into going back with Mother Gothel and Sora is left unconscious in Corona. When he comes around it’s time to get off after her to help to save the day. Keep on following the road back and into the overgrown entrance to Rapunzel’s tower and you’ll trigger the end phases of the world.

How to beat Mother Gothel – Corona boss fight

After the story comes to a head, you’ll need to fight the Mother Gothel Heartless that is created by Marluxia, which is the Corona boss before you get to move on to the next world. It’s the first really challenging boss fight in the game and there are a couple of moves that can finish you off.

To start with, you’ll need to jump to get close enough to the Mother Gothel Heartless’s face. Get in your hits while you can and be ready to dodge roll to get out of the way of its swoop attack. Shotlock, specials and Link Moves can all be used to chip away at its health bar.

When it flies to the top of the tower, you’ll have a series of gates to get to before you can climb up to it to continue the battle. While you’ll be tempted to keep heading forwards to get past these, what you actually need to do is go forward on the first one, backwards on the second and then forwards again on the third. There are two waves of these to get past on the approach to the tower and then it’s just a case of climbing up and laying in with the damage.

When you hit her enough, she’ll drop back down again and you’ll be back to dodging and chasing. The difference this time around is that the Mother Gothel Heartless sends out tendrils that drag you into flowers before unleashing a devestating slam move on you. The key is not to get caught by them and you can do this by staying away from the flowers and using Link Moves to take as many of them out without running the risk of being caught.

Cycle, rinse, repeat and you’ll soon see the end of the Corona boss fight to carry on the story in the next world, Monstropolis. However, if you’re having any difficulties with it, you can see it being taken down with the video below.

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