Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Box walkthrough – Part 4

Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Box walkthrough part 3Kingdom Hearts 3 sets off for another epic adventure with the Toy Box world, which continues our walkthrough series with Woody and the gang from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story. As you’d expect, things start out in Andy’s room as you meet up with the toys and find out that the Heartless have shown up and that some of the toys have gone missing.

You’ll have an initial group of them to take out and then it’s off to the local toy shop to try to figure out what’s going on with some more Heartless along the way. It’s worthwhile doing a little exploration around the room and then again outside to pick up any treasure and Lucky Emblems that are lying around, but for the most part, things are fairly simple on the run up to getting to the toy shop.


Toy Box video walkthrough

If you get stuck on anything in our walkthrough, you can always follow along with our video below, which will show you how to complete the Toy Box world:

You can also check out the rest of our Kingdom Hearts guide for more walkthroughs, hints and tips for the rest of KH3.

How to beat Gigas

When you arrive at Galaxy Toys, you get greeted by Young Xehanort, who sets loose a gang of Heartless. They get into the robot toy Gigas and start to attack, so you need to get into one yourself to be able to fight back against them. Keep firing at them and moving around to avoid their blasts and you should be able to defeat them. You can also use the punch action to dish out more damage if any of the Gigas get too close.

If your robot gets too damaged, you’ll need to exit it and find another one. Keep on rolling when you’re out on your own and you’ll be able to avoid the blaster fire. Search the counters against the wall to find replacement robots to take control of and then get back to the shoot and move process to finish them off.

Rescuing Rex

Next up you need to head up to the floors above to stage a rescue of Rex and you can take the Space Capsule up. Ride the yellow track and take out all of the Heartless and Gigas that get in your way. Head around to the Action store and you’ll face more Gigas and Godzilla-like toys.

You can use the aisles as a shield while you face the monsters and when you get Rex back, you travel up through the vents while he goes back down to the ground floor.


Where do you find Hamm?

You can find and rescue Hamm by getting through the fans after destroying the enemies by timing it for when it isn’t blowing you backwards. This will land you in the babies and toddlers dolls section of Galaxy Toys. There are chests and Lucky Emblems to pick up, so it’s well worth having a scavenge around. To continue the Kingdom Hearts 3 story, you need to head over to the music coming from the green Musical Toads on the other side of the room to get a clue about Hamm’s location.

This will lead you to the dolls house up near the window at the end of the area. As soon as you break Hamm out, you’ll have an evil looking possessed Heartless doll to face. Roll or block it’s swoop move and drop jump and combo attack to take down its health bar. Use your specials and you’ll be able to take it down.

Rescue the Aliens

After you finish off the Heartless doll, you’ll need to follow the flying saucer to lead you to the Aliens. It’s in the Play Place and there’s a save point on the way. Use the trampolines to get high enough to be able to hit it and you should be able to chip it down to size. You can also use the shotlock to get hits on it from afar or magic if you’ve got the space.

You only need to beat the UFO to rescue the Aliens, so focus all of your efforts on it to get them free. Once they’re back in the Toy Story fold, you head back to the entrance but before you get there you’ll have another altercation with Young Xehanort. Buzz gets taken over by a Heartless and Sora is blasted into the Verum Rex game, where you’ll need to take out a whole load of Gigas in an arena.

There’s a lot of them, so keep on moving and blasting to cut them down. You can check out this section in the video above if you’re struggling at 1:15:15, and if your Giga gets trashed then move fast to replace it. Finish them off and any Heartless when you get out and you’ll have the challenge of finding the seemingly impossible.

Where is the Toy Box Kid Korral?

You’ll be directed to an open window leading to the Toy Box Kid Korral location where the Sarge has seen a dark portal. However, there are zero clues in terms of where to find this. It took a fair while to pinpoint the location after scouring the entire Toy Shop, but you can check out the video below to see exactly where you need to go.

You’ll start out in the video games section and you need to leave and take a left, ignoring all of the Gigas and Heartless along the way. Bypass the open window into the babies and toddlers dolls section. This is not the one you want. Keep walking past this and head into the section in front of you. This will trigger a cut-scene showing you which window to aim for.

How to get to the Kid Korral dark portal?

This stage of our Toy Box walkthrough is the last section to do before you face the boss, so if you want to fill out your items or prepare, it’s a good idea to do it before you go through the dark portal, which is up through a vent at the top of Kid Korral. To get to it, you’ll need to use a Giga to stack the three piles of boxes to create a wall to run up. Take out the enemies that get in your way using the Giga robot’s blaster. If you can’t find a Giga, there one further around the Kid Korral and you can watch how we did this entire section with our walkthrough video above from 1:33:00.

When you defeat all of the Gigas, the dark aura around the first set of boxes will disappear and you can use the levitate function to move them into place. You’ll find the second set of boxes further around in Kid Korral, past the Giga you can take over. Take out the enemies, levitate the boxes in place and then you can head into the soft play climb in the top corner of the zone to find the third set.

Stay in you Giga suit and use the jump function to get to the top where you’ll find the boxes. Again, defeat all of the enemies and the dark haze will disappear and you can move the boxes into place to complete the wall. Run on up, save your game and add in any items or meal buffs you need before heading on in to face the Toy Box boss

How to beat the Toy Box boss Giant Heartless

One of the best things about Kingdom Hearts III is the boss fights and Toy Box doesn’t disappoint with its Giant Heartless flying saucer to beat. It’s shielded from the underside, so you need to jump on top of it and aim for its head to chip away at its health bar. Jump and attack should get you up there, but you’ll need to move fast because it doesn’t take long to react to shake you off.

You can hit it with your shotlock attack if it’s hovering far away and your Link moves will help you inflict big damage on it. Roll out of the way of its rockets, laser blasts and swoop move and then try to get in close enough to jump up to its top. You can use the blocks around you to get extra height. Use specials like the Rocket move whenever their available an climb up the Lego blocks when it goes into its dark phase to get up to its head and do some more damage.

Keep chipping away, rolling and blocking where you need to and you should be able to finish it off. If you’re having any difficulty, you can watch the video below to see how we managed to finish off the Toy Box boss.

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