Kingdom Hearts 3 Twilight Town Walkthrough – KH3 walkthrough Part 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Twilight Town walkthrough part 2Next up in our Kingdom Hearts 3 walkthrough is a return for Sora, Donald and Goofy to Twilight Town. Once you complete Olympus, you’ll you’ll first start out with Mickey and Riku in the Dark World and you’ll need to fight the mini Demon Tide. You can see our fight with the Heartless swarm in the Dark World in the video below if you need any tips on how to make it through.

To get to Twilight Town, you’ll need to pilot your Gummi Ship. You won’t be able to do too much at this point to pimp it up, so it’s all just about flying it from A to B. There’s really not that much to it, but if you want to see Gummi Travel in action, you can watch the video below.

Twilight Town walkthrough video

You can follow along with everything in our walkthrough with the video below from our YouTube channel. It doesn’t include all of the treasure chests, but you don’t really need to find them all to progress in Kingdom Hearts 3. It includes all of the cutscenes for Twilight Town, so you can rewatch the story elements if you’ve forgotten anything, or if you want to see it again.

The Heartless swarm

When you arrive in Twilight Town, you bump into Pense, Hayner and Olette, after a quick fight with a bunch of Nobodies, but it’s a short meet-up that gets interrupted by a Heartless swarm called a Demon Tide. You’ll need to see this off before you can continue in the world and it’s a fairly fast moving boss that hits hard. It’s definitely a step up on the one that you faced as Riku in the Dark World and it makes for a pretty epic introduction to Twilight Town.

You can use the Shotlock to get in hits on it from afar, but for the most part you’ll be going toe-to-toe with it using the Keyblade combos and specials. Jump and dodge to get away from it’s swoop dive attack and you’ll also need to keep moving just to get close enough to do any damage on it.

Weirdly, you don’t actually need to take down all of it’s health to get past the Demon Tide. You just need to inflict enough damage to get it to fly away, which can be done with some well placed Shotlock attacks from afar.

The Old Mansion location

Once you defeat the Demon Tide, you’ll catch up a little more with the gang, who decide to stick around town to ask if anyone knows anything about Roxas. Your job is to head up to the Old Mansion to look for clues, but even after you get the Twilight Town map, you still might struggle to find the place.

What you’re looking for is the underpass that links town to the wood leading up to the Old Mansion, and you’ll find it by following the path around town past the Bistro and looking out for the ramp leading downwards opposite the big door. Goofy or Donald will chip in with a prompt to tell you that you’re close, but you can also watch our walkthrough video above to see where it is. You’ll have Heartless and Nobodies to deal with along the way, and you should be able to deal with them fairly easily.

You’ll meet Little Chef along the way and the gang will meet up with you at the Old Mansion where you use the computer to try to get Roxas back. It doesn’t really work out and you have a brief chat with Ansem on the way back to Twilight Town, but other than that there isn’t really all that much to do at the Old Mansion.

Little Chef’s ingredients

Back in town you’ll be greeted by Scrooge McDuck, who turns out to be the owner of Le Grand Bistro and he’s got Little Chef in charge of the kitchen. You’ll need to collect ingredients to be able to use the restaurant to cook dishes that will give you buffs later in the game.

There isn’t really much to go on in terms of where to find the ingredients you need, but essentially you’re looking for takeaway boxes, fruit bowls and veg crates. Hit them with your Keyblade to give you the contents and just keep moving around town to find them. Head up to the rooftops too, as there are some good ingredient locations up there. If you’re still struggling to find enough to get to the next stage then you can watch the video below to follow along as we pick them up around Twilight Town.

Once you find all of Chef’s ingredients, you can then head on into Le Grand Bistro to cook up your first meals. Follow the instructions for each meal to craft them, but be careful, because if you mess them up you’ll lose the ingredients and get no meal at the end, so you’ll have to head out to find more ingredients. You will be able to get some of them from the shop, but it’s still a pain, so take your time over the instructions for each meal.

What to do next

After you’re done cooking in the Bistro, the objective prompt tells you to keep exploring Twilight Town. While you can do this to pick up more treasure chests and any of the Lucky Emblems that are dotted around the place, there’s nothing more you need to do to continue the story. When you’re happy with your pickups, you can either head back out the alley, or you can go to the save point to exit to the world map. This will give you the next part of the story and open up a path to Toy Box, where we’ll be picking things up for our next walkthrough.

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