Kingdom Hearts 3 dandelions – how to blow the dandelions for Rapunzel

Kingdom Hearts 3 dandelionsThe Kingdom Hearts 3 dandelions conundrum is one of a number of minor sticking points in the game, but this one is very well hidden, unless you’ve randomly stumbled on the move before. It takes place soon after you join up with Rapunzel on her trek to the city.

Having not seen the outside world apart from looking down from Mother Gothel’s tower, she’s amazed by everything she encounters. This starts out with a cute water fight with Sora before you get stuck on the dandelions, which she won’t move on from until you somehow manage to blow them up into the air.


If you think she’s trying to get you to do the impossible or magical then you’re not too far away from the answer. You may not have noticed it’s arrival in you Magic moves list, but if you check it out now you should see Aero in there and it’s this move that you use to blow the dandelions for Rapunzel. However, even with that knowledge, you might still struggle to get it just right to get past this section of Corona.

How to use Aero to blow the dandelions high enough

Using Aero just anywhere won’t really help you amaze Rapunzel. You’ll get a little gust and a few tufts swirling around, but it won’t be impressive enough. What you’re looking for is the deepest area of dandelions, which you should find a little further into the glade on the left. If you’re not too sure you can watch the video below to see where to find it and how to get the Aero move right.

Aero will launch directly ahead of you, so you need to be facing in the direction of the deepest patch of dandelions. Walk up to it and you should hear comments from Rapunzel, Donald and Goofy as confirmation. Face it, select Aero from the magic menu and unleash the air. This will trigger a cutscene with Rapunzel being amazed by the seed tufts flying up in the air.

If you don’t get the cutscene then you might need to step a little closer to get into a better position. Check the video above to see where to stand and you should be good to go with the rest of the KH3 story in Corona. It’s one of the best worlds in the game, despite the occasional confusion, and the boss fight is epic, so you’ve got a lot to look forward to once you get past the dandelions.

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