Kingdom Hearts 3 how to get Little Chef’s ingredients to open Scrooge McDuck’s Le Grand Bistro in Twilight Town

Kingdom Hearts 3 where to find the 9 ingredients for Little Chef and ScroogeDuring the final phases of Twilight Town, Scrooge McDuck, who has just opened Le Grand Bistro with Little Chef, which gives you the challenge of how to get the 9 ingredients to fire up the kitchen. The idea is that you’ll be able to use the ingredients you find to cook dishes that will give you buffs whenever you need them while you’re battling against Xehanort and his cronies throughout Kingdom Hearts 3.

There are ingredients dotted around the town, but the game doesn’t give you any prompts in terms of where to find the ingredients you need, or what they look like in the first place. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Essentially, what you’re looking for are takeaway boxes, fruit bowls and veg crates and when you hit them with your Keyblade you’ll smash them open and get their contents to add to your ingredients tally.


To find them, you need to make your way around Twilight Town, keeping your eyes peeled for either of the ingredients containers mentioned above. There are a few stashes around the base of the big round tower in the central square and you’ll find more around the edges. There are some in the cinema, just around the corner from the Bistro and yet more in the narrow lanes on the fringes of town.

Heading up to the rooftops is a good idea too, as there are some good locations to find ingredients. Keep moving around and attacking anything that remotely resembles either a takeaway box, fruit bowl or vegetable crate. There are some ingredients in the wood on the way up to the Old Mansion, but you don’t necessarily need them to hit the 9 target. There are more than enough around town. The only reason you might need more is if you waste some when you get into the Bistro (you can read more about this below).

Little Chef ingredients video

If you’re still struggling to find enough to get to the next stage then you can watch the video above to follow along as we pick them up around Twilight Town. Later in the game, you’ll find a wider variety of ingredients for Little Chef’s meals, but that will become pretty straightforward after you’ve made it through this section.

Cooking meals in Le Grand Bistro

Once you have enough ingredients, you’ll get access to Le Grande Bistro and be able to cook up the dishes that Little Chef comes up with. Each one requires slightly different actions, so make sure that you read each carefully before you attempt them. If you get it wrong, you’ll get no meal and lose the ingredients, so you’ll need to head out to find more.

Once you’ve successfully cooked a meal once, you’ll get this to either purchase from the shop or to make from the Pause menu. You get timed buffs for each dish that you eat and these get much bigger when you eat a full 5-course meal, which comes in handy ahead of any boss fights that you take on.


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