Kingdom Hearts 3 how to catch birds for Rapunzel in Corona

Kingdom Hearts 3 how to catch the birds for Rapunzel in CoronaFiguring out how to catch birds in Kindom Hearts 3’s Corona world when Rapunzel gets smitten with them takes a little work. While there are a few things that Rapunzel says that kind of point you in the right direction, there isn’t enough to go on to easily string it all together, but with the details below, you’ll be able to put a smile on the Tangled prices’ face and carry on to the city.

When you arrive in the little wooded section where the birds are, they start to sing, but then fly away when Rapunzel startled the, which you’ll do every time you try to get near them if you don’t do it right. There aren’t any specific directions on what to do, apart from the hints every now and again, so you need to piece it all together yourself, but even when you’re on the right track, you can still fail to catch them.


How do you get close enough to catch the birds?

As you’ve probably noticed, the birds will fly away every time you run up to them and the faster you move, the less chance you’ll have of catching them. Obviously, this means that you need to move slowly as you approach them to ensure that you don’t startle them again.

To start with, you need to be able to find the birds easily, but they’re pretty small, so it’s easy to miss they’re little blue shapes in the trees. Luckily, they’re nursing is the key. Instead of looking for the birds themselves, scan the trees around Rapunzel for musical notes dancing in the air. Once you find gear, you’ll know exactly where the birds are.

Now that you have them located, you need to walk up to them slowly, which you can see for yourself in the video below. This needs to be one continuous walk to prevent startling them, so move slowly and don’t stop until you get to where they’re perched. When you get close enough you’ll get a command prompt and they’ll fly down to you and start to circle around Sora’s head.

How do you get the birds back to Rapunzel?

Now that you have the birds, the next jobs is getting them slowly on over to Rapunzel. The problem is that there will be jumps and drops to get past before you complete the task. You’ll need to walk slowly and steadily back to her and make sure that you take your time over the trickier obstacles along the way. If you find that you’re still losing them, you can watch to see how it’s done in the video above.

The trick is to stop and let the birds settle after each jump or drop. This gives them a chance to chill out again before you carry on. If you do this after each one then you should be able to keep them happily circling around Sora’s head before the cute finale with Rapunzel once you get to her.


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