Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus walkthrough – KH3 walkthrough Part 2

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus walkthroughThings get a little trickier in our Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus walkthrough. It’s part 2 of our series and it sees Sora, Donald and Goofy heading to the world of Hercules to try to find Sora’s lost abilities. No sooner do they touch down on the climb up to Mount Olympus, but they get confronted by Hades who is up to no good. Luckily, Herc shows up to help you along the way and you all set about turning the tables on the dark god of the underworld.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus video walkthrough

You can follow along with all of the action in Olympus with Part 2 of our YouTube video series above. It takes you through everything that you need to do to complete the world and get Sora back on the road again. This includes the boss fights with the Titans and all of the battles on the way up Hades, who has overthrown Zeus to take over as the King of the Gods.

Olympus hints and tips

1. Getting past the fire

The world starts out pretty easily, but things get more difficult when the Titans attack Thebes and you’ll need to save everyone before you get back to the climb. The first thing that you need to know is how to get past the fire that is blocking your way. This can be done by combining up with Goofy and Donald and pressing the action button to use his shield to zoom over the top of the flames.

2. Hercules holding the building

There’s a timer on this section, so you really need to move fast to finish all of the enemies off, rescue the Thebians and get out of the crumbling building. Use all of your special moves, team moves and formchanges to make it through, because at this stage in the game, that many heartless are more difficult, because you haven’t leveled up much yet. If you’re stuck, you can check out the section in the video above from around the 46-minute mark.

3. The Lava Titan

This is pretty much your first big boss fight in Kingdom Hearts 3 and it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Keep attacking its feet and getting out of the way of its attacks on the ground until you reach the stage where you can climb up to the top of the Lava Titan to get in some hits on its two heads. If you’re struggling with any of it, you can see how it’s done in the video above at the 1-hour 20 mark.

4. The legion of charging heartless

These were tough, because it isn’t massively obvious how to fight them. They charge at you as soon as you make it up to the Realm of the Gods. While I didn’t realise it at the time of doing the video above, the prompts about using the Shotlock is your best bet. Use this to target as many as possible and then unleash your damage. If that doesn’t work for you then you can just slug it out with them like I do in the YouTube walkthrough.

5. Airstepping up Mount Olympus

This is a slightly confusing part of Olympus where you’re introduced a little more to the concept of Airstepping. This is where Sora uses the Shotlock to fly up the Mountain over the rubble that’s floating in the air. For this, you just need to lock onto the platform beyond the rubble to make it up to the first phase. Then you can turn around, look up and do the same again until you get to the top. You can see this in action with our how to airstep up the rubble in Olympus tutorial at

6. Smashing the present

If you’re confused about the present on the first platform during the airstep section, you can actually smash this by making it up to the second section and flying back down and pressing attack when prompted, which will destroy the present.

7. The final Olympus boss fight with the three Titans

This is a tough boss battle with three individual Titans to face before you can complete Olympus. You can start by using the Shotlock to get closer to their heads to be able to do a little damage. You can also run up the central tower to get in close and by doing this you’ll be able to get in a lot more hits on the Olympus boss. Things get a bit more difficult when the wind Titan gets in on the action, but you just have to keep pressing forwards against them.

Once you defeat the lava and ice Titans, you’ll be left with the wind Titan, which que’s up the last phase of the battle. You’ll need to run and roll in to get close to it, while dodging any attacks and then you can wail away at its centre. When it throws you into the air, this is your opportunity to finish it off. Dodge like crazy to get down to its face and then smash it like there’s no tomorrow. This will see you completing Olympus and picking up a whole host of cinematic sequences to carry on the story, which you can see in full in our YouTube walkthrough video at the top of the page.

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