Kingdom Hearts 3 Monstropolis walkthrough – KH3 Part 6

Kingdom Hearts 3 Monstropolis walkthrough KH3 part 6It’s time to meet the gang from Monsters Inc. for our Kingdom Hearts 3 Monstropolis walkthrough and you’ll find Xehanort’s forces have arrived in force. This time Sora, Donald and Goofy have been transformed into monstrous versions of themselves, continuing the theme for KH3.

You meet up with Mike, Sully and Boo inside, and after a little intro you get a chunky enemy to take on. The big bulbous bugs are the toughest to dispatch and you need get out of the way of them when they start bouncing around and block or dodge roll their tentacle rush move. They take more damage with attacks to the head, so keep piling on the pressure and you’ll finish them off.


With so much danger around the place, Mike and Sully want to get Boo back to safety in her own room, so you all head off to the door floor. However, Unversed have infested the place and you’ll need to finish them off to advance. They’re fairly easy to deal with, so just keep walloping away, chasing them down when they go into the flood and you’ll be done pretty quickly. You’ll also get some more bulbous bugs to deal with, so repeat the same process as before, throwing in specials and Link Moves for good measure.

The door ride

Boo’s door disappears, so you have to chase it down. After taking out the Unversed, you’ll have to ride the door rails to follow it. Use your shotlock to take out any flying enemies along the way. Target them all and fire to get ride of them in one fell swoop. You can also duck down to use the door as a shield or to dodge and if the electricity as you go. You’ll also have to jump over any electricity.

Head through the door on the platform after you finish off the waves of Unversed and you’ll go on to find out that Randall is working with Organisation XIII. He legs it and leaves you to deal with the changes they’ve made to the factory.

Laser beams and electricity blasts

Use the metal pieces on the conveyor belt you come to avoid the laser beams. Move quickly between shelter to shelter, timing it for when the lasers are out of the way. You can also come off the conveyor belt up ahead to make progress around the back of the lasers. Head up the stairs at the end, turn off the machine and you’re through the first one of these.

Once Mike and Sully have got the power back on with a little laughter thanks to Boo, you can head up on the elevator. At the top you’ll have Heartless to fight too, and then as you head on you’ll get trapped in an electricity room. This place can finish you off even if you’re an excellent KH3 warrior, because if you get too close to the electrified walls all around then you’ll suffer a massive HP hit. This can happen even if you’re smashing up the enemies pretty well, because Sora can often fly off in different directions and with the close confines of the room it’s easy to find yourself getting fricasseed around the edges.


This is the only point in the game where a Kupo coin is advisable to take with you. If you stay in the middle of the room and take your time you might not need it, but it’s there as a backup if things get tight. Stay away from the edges as much as possible, even if you’ve got one of the big bulbous bugs pinned down. It’s better to get back to the middle of the room and let it come to you than risk getter electrocuted repeatedly.

You’ll then have another laser section to duck and roll through and more Boo-powered antics to carry on beyond the control room. Take out the Unversed that show up and then you can carry on in search of Boo’s door, although you’ll get a brief tease of the Monstropolis boss before that, but you won’t need to fight it just yet.

Monstropolis fires

You’ll head back in the direction of the door vault, but fires have broken out in the factory and to complicate matters, you’ll have enemies to deal with too. You’ll take damage from the fire, so try to keep away from it as you fight them off. You can use magic and the Splash Run special move to put out the flames.

Keep fighting your way through their ranks and you’ll eventually climb up to a pipe valve, which triggers a rail-ride up to the next level. After you take out the Heartless higher up, you’ll come to a platform with a drop in it. Jump on through and skydive down, making sure you hit X to smash the crate before you land.

From here you’ll pick up the trail from the Monstropolis Giant Unversed boss. It looks like an oil spill, so you can’t miss it. This will lead you back to the door vault, but it also leads you right back to Randall and this time his threats come true with the appearance of the oily boss.

How to beat the Monstropolis Giant Unversed boss

If you thought the Corona boss was tough, you should prepare yourself for another step up in difficulty with this greaseball Giant Unversed. It’s got a rush attack that it hits you with on repeat, knocking you in the air and leaving you at its mercy. If you’re quick enough, you can roll to try to get out of the way, but if you get caught you’ll need to jump and dodge to get out of the firing line and then roll like crazy when you hit the floor.

Run and roll to get away from it’s homing fire ball and get in as much damage when it stands still to start chipping away at its health bar. Do the same for its rain attack and hit up specials whenever get a chance. Use the shotlock to take out the hands and when they’re down get back to attacking the boss.

When it goes into its big wings phase, you’re better off just rolling to stay out of its blast range and to stop all of the hands from getting you. When it goes dormant, you can get in a few hits, but it will probably go back to its normal phase soon after this. Another approach to try is to save your Link Moves for the big wings phase. You should have picked up Simba’s King’s Flare move during the Monstropolis fires section a little earlier and it’s a good way to get in some damage while being impervious to its attacks. Repeat this whole process and you should be able to finish off the Giant Unversed boss.

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