Blood Orange, Champagne CoastFusing all kinds of brilliance into one track isn’t an easy thing to do, but Blood Orange’s Champagne Coast pulls it off with ease. It’s like the illegitimate love child of Prince and Bloc Party and it works like a mo fo.

It’s also got shades of Bowie in the eighties and The Sunshine Underground’s Raise the Alarm in the noughties. Pop meets a vaguely entranced dance beat with an African percussion mix.

The new video release of the single is literally stunning. The dancing girlsĀ  bring the sexual overtones of the song alive with a light hint of gratuity wrapped up in softer fun and the odd comedy move. However, it’s the effects on the video that make it stand out so well, including the 3D world magazine cut out background and the gif style playback that takes over every now and again.

Though Champagne Coast was put out originally back in November, the video is a new release to build on the success of Blood Orange’s debut album Coastal Grooves. It’s an addition that brings the song to life in a whole new addictive way. Long live the longing.

Blood Orange Champagne Coast single review: 4/5

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