Ozark Series 2 announced

Ozark Series 2With the arrival of a 30-second teaser Netflix has officially announced that it is picking up Ozark Series 2, sending us back for more from the heavyweight crime thriller. The end of the first series didn’t really leave much doubt that there would be more from the show with the climactic ending and the sheer mess that Marty has landed himself and his family in, but it’s good to get confirmation.

The short teaser doesn’t really give anything away about what to expect from Series 2 showing only a short clip of Marty lying on top of the trampoline that features in the opening 10 episodes. As a result there is nothing new about the story or cast members and the official release date for the second series is still TBC, so we’ll keep you updated as more details come out.


Ozark Series 2 announcement teaser trailer:

However, there are plenty of things that we know about Series 2 based on the way the first series ended so if you haven’t seen Ozark yet then you might want to duck away now to catch and miss out on any spoilers. Obviously Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) will be returning as Marty Byrde and Laura Linney will be back as his wife Wendy following her decision to give up on the runaway play. That also means that Sofia Hublitz will be returning as his teenage daughter Charlotte and Skyler Gaertner as his dead animals and assault rifle-loving son Jonah.

Things won’t be quite so complete for the Langmores after the death of Russ (Marc Menchaca) and Boyd (Christopher James Baker), who got fricasseed by their niece Ruth (Julia Garner) en-route to kill Marty. Ruth is left to look after her cousins Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) and Three (Carson Holmes), and it looks like her allegiances will be to Marty, despite her dad Cade’s (Trevor Long) best efforts. There’s bound to be more from her incarcerated father though, so it’s going to be interesting to find out how it’s all going to play out.

There’s also going to be plenty of menace from the opium farm maniacs that are Jacob and Darlene Snell (Peter Mullan and Lisa Emery), who are now in on the business with Marty and the cartel. However, with Darlene’s gunshot killing of cartel main contact Carmino Del Rio (Esia Morales), they’ve all got a lot of explaining to do and there’s bound to be some new cast members to replace Morales’ role is the show.

If you’ve been wondering where you’ve seen Peter Mullan before, the Scottish actor has done a very good job of getting into character as Jacob Snell, but you’ll also find him in BBC sitcom-drama Mum, along with Tyrannosaur and Trainspotting. He’ll be returning as Michael in Mum Series 2 and he’s down to play Akela in the 2018 adaptation of Jungle Book, so he’s going to have a lot on over the coming year.

Jacob and Darlene also appear to have killed the wife of local pastor Mason Young (Michael Mosley), leaving him with their newborn baby to bring up alone. As a devoutly religious man, revenge is probably off the table, but there’s surely going to be a reaction of some sort.


If that isn’t enough for Ozark Series 2, there’s still the FBI investigation to take into account with agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner) losing it as his efforts came to nothing in the first series. The trail hasn’t gone cold though and we’re expecting him to be back with a vengeance when the new episodes arrive on Netflix.

How it’s all going to play out with so many different elements in flight is anyone’s guess, but with such a strong debut season, Ozark Series 2 is an eagerly awaited continuation to the Netflix Original show. Creator Bill Dubuque and director Jason Bateman did an excellent job with the first series and there’s a lot of expectation for how they’re going to follow it up.

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